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Welcome to humans were a bad idea.

hundreds of years in the future, earth is uninhabitable and now everyone lives in a massive bunker underground. the problem is that everything still sucks. some poor kid accidentally starts a revolution by tripping down some stairs, and now here we are. contains SOME DEATH, MILDLY ANNOYING LOVE TRIANGLES, SWEARS, and DUBIOUSLY ACCURATE SCIENCE *note(7/15/17); im trying to finish this thing asap now that im back from that 4 month long hiatus bc while i do hate how i did like ALL of the beginning i love my ocs too much to completely abandon them.........hopefully by the end of the summer

character info

hey wat up i just posted some lil character info card things, so if ya wanna have a good time, go check em out here

posted by applesinnamon @ January 7th, 2017, 7:05 pm   1 comments

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